From a 2-car garage to a 110,000 seat stadium.

 While coaching middle school in Murray, Kentucky, Brian Gudalis saw the three lines of the thigh pads & wondered "why only three lines showing through the pants?".

Years later Brian decided that it was time for him to change those lines into an image.  So using a borrowed pair of football pants from an old college buddy, Blake Long, and some foam from a craft store, he went to his garage and invented the first TREDCAL.  His 10 year old son, Cade, was the first to wear a TREDCAL.

From there he went to his kitchen and made some for his daughter Lauren's shin guards and then in a volleyball knee pad.

Rather than start with a youth league player, TREDCALs debuted on the University of Kentucky football team against Mississippi State on ESPN in October 2013. Oh, and these were made by Brian and his wife, Jenna, in their living room. 

 In November 2013 TREDCAL Equipment Manager Dylan Marinez took a chance and put some on Michigan State against Nebraska on ABC.

 TREDCALS have now been worn by universities, soccer clubs and players across the country.

And we continue to grow.

The trademarks shown here are registered trademarks of the respective universities.  TREDCAL will not sale  any such respective trademarks for use on athletic pads other than to the license owner.