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Q: What are TREDCALs® made of and are they removable?

A: TREDCALs® are made of closed-cell foam similar to that commonly found in football thigh pads. They have an adhesive that allows them to stick to the pads.  TREDCALs® used on soccer shin guards for youth and adults and other plastic materials are removable. Those used on foam materials, such as football thigh pads, can be removed, but if not removed carefully can ruin the pad.

Q: How thick and what sizes are TREDCALs®?

A: TREDCALs® are 5 millimeters or less in thickness.  For soccer, the standard size is no larger than 3.25″ horizontally or vertically.  In football, it is 5.25″.  We can make smaller sizes if you need one.  Please just let us know.

Q: Will TREDCALs® work on girdles?

A: TREDCALs® (decals) will work on hard shell girdles.  However, they must be applied firmly to a clean, dry shell.  TREDCALs® are not meant to stick to fabric or clothing.  The best option is to use our TREDCAL brand thigh plates without foam and slide them into the thigh pocket of the pants.

Q: Are TREDCALs® athletic pads?

A: TREDCALs® are not athletic pads and they are not intended to be protective equipment. Rather, they adhere to your football thigh pads, soccer shin guards, or volleyball pads for youth and adults so that you can customize your sports equipment and gear.  If you would like an athletic pad, please check our Thigh Pads & Plates link.

Q: How long do TREDCALs® last?

A: If applied properly, TREDCALs® will not come off during game conditions. In fact, they have been game-tested in the NFL, every major college football conference.  They can last multiple seasons.


Q: Can you obtain a sample TREDCAL®?

A: Unfortunately, we do not send samples.

Q: Will TREDCALs® work under dark colored clothing?

A: Although TREDCALs® work best under light colored clothing, they can work under dark colored clothing, as well, but is not recommended.  However, some TREDCALs® do work under dark colored clothing: The outline of the image shows through, but very little detail inside the outline is seen.  The clothing worn with TREDCALs® must be tight and stretchable.  PLEASE SEE OUR COLOR CHART FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Q.  Can I return my product?  We have 15 day return policy for unused, non-custom products.  Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for used products or those that have custom letters or initials.  If you would like to return your product, please send the unused, non-custom product to TREDCAL, 523 Wellington Way, Suite 345, Lexington, Kentucky 40503 and the product must include a tracking number to show the return.

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