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Custom Team

If you want a different logo than one of our many stock ones, you've come to the right place.  We offer customized team order logos to ensure that team pads, guards and sleeves are exactly the way they like.  If you're interested in a team logo, attach it below and supply your contact information and we'll contact you by the next business day. 


Team orders have a 10 pair minimum but the price gets reduced to

around $25.00/pair.


Custom Individual

If you want your own individual logo, we may be able to do that.  However, please note that WE DO NOT DESIGN CUSTOM LOGOS.  Rather, you must submit the final design and:

1. TREDCAL may deny the use of any logo;

2. Payment is required prior to manufacturing;

3. No Refunds of any kind for any reason; 

4. Manufacturing can take up to 2 weeks;

5. TREDCAL does not offer any samples or art proofs;

6. We CANNOT do photo replicas;

7. NO REFUNDS OF ANY KIND for custom products; and

8. TREDCAL will not manufacture trademarked items.

The cost per custom logo is $75.00/pair

(must be the same logo on each pad or

the logo on one and a number or initials on the other).

Custom logo Submission
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