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What is TREDCAL Decal & how it works


Very Light.

Weighs about one-tenth of one ounce. If you can notice the weight, then you're too weak to be playing sports.

Easy to Apply.

Peel and stick won't come off in game conditions. Applies as simply as a sticker.



Built with a foam similar to that in thigh pads. Made to withstand hits in America's best college football conferences.

Any Number & Combination.

From an area code to a single digit, combine TREDCALs to get any number you want.  And you're still able to customize the other pad differently.

Very Thin.

Just 5 millimeters thick. Players love swag.  Because these are so thin, there's no excuse not to wear them.

One Size Fits Most.

Stock TREDCALs fits most thigh pads, hard shell girdles and shin guards.  The standard football logo is no larger than 5.25" and for shin guards they are about 3.25" but we can make any size.

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