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If you want to fully customize the look of your thigh pads, then you can order these thigh plates and order treDCALs from our site that fit perfectly on the plates.  After adding the your thigh pads to your cart, click over to the treDCAL tab and order what logo or number you want for each leg.  COMES AS A PAIR.


GIRDLE WEARER:  Our Thigh Plates are perfect for those who wear girdles.  They are very thin (about 1/8") and fit into the thigh pockets of football pants.  They have no padding because your girdle should aleady have that.  However, once placed in the pocket of the pants, the swag shows through so you have the protection of the girdle with swag of treDCAL.


THIGH PAD WEARER:  You can choose your foam on these thigh plates to increase protection and replace the thigh pads you currently wear.

Pair of Bare Plates (You can customize with any treDCAL - sold separately)

PriceFrom $28.00
  • HDPE Shell - Approximately 1/8" Thick and 5" x 5" in size.  One Size fits most.  treDCAL logos are removable and replacable.  Unfortunately, once the logo is removed, it may not be able to be reused.

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