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The First Ever

Completely Customizable

Thigh Pad.

US Patents 9884240 & 11076647

EP Pat. 2916674

Brazil Pat. 112015010154-2

Sport Stadium

The best looking part of the uniform is no longer the uniform.

For years we've watched football and seen the three distinct lines of the thigh pads showing through the pants & wondered one question:

“Why don’t they form those lines into an image.” Well, “they” never formed one.  So we did.

Simply put, we've forever changed the way we look at sports.

Our patented technology allows you to choose the foam logo or number

that appears through the fabric covering it.

For Every Athlete in Multiple Sports.

Going from a 2-car garage to a 110,000 seat stadium has been fun but we never intended to stop there.  Since debuting in college football, we moved into other football leagues from Pop Warner to the NFL and have even been in the last three Super Bowls.  Now we moved into different sports and offer padded and unpadded arm sleeves, soccer shin guards and volleyball knee pads.  And there's still more to come. Simply put, TREDCAL has changed the game in a way never seen before.  We promise you'll never look at an athletic pad the same way again.


 Our story on nfl films presents: 


some of our team customers

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Over 1,000 Professional Football & Soccer Players: Team logos, Player Numbers & Personal Trademarks
More than 1 of every 3 players in Super Bowls LIV, LV, LVI & LVII
Many Power 5 Football Programs & MLS Players

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